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Volksfest 2021 Is On!

How would you like to have some fun in your Volkswagen with others who share your interest in these specialty automobiles? VW owners and enthusiasts share a special bond.

Whether your VW is a fixer-upper, a custom work of art, a daily driver, or a still-in-progress project—air cooled, water cooled, old or new—you will feel right at home with Apple Valley Volkswagen Association.

Apple Valley Volkswagen Association (AVVA) was founded in 1989 and is a family-oriented club of Volkswagen owners and enthusiasts who form a VW community.  We meet at 7PM on the first Tuesday of each month at Magic’s Pizza Shack in Selah. Our meetings are fun and informative, and helpful tips are shared there. We have activities, parties and cruises on a regular basis.  Annual dues are just $15

Buy, sell or trade items are listed in our monthly newsletter, as are VW-related activities taking place in the Northwest, including our own event—Volksfest, which takes place the second weekend after Labor Day.

If this sounds interesting and you would like more information, find us on Facebook @ Apple Valley VW, send us an e-mail at applevalleyvw@hotmail.com or come to our meeting and check us out.  

Contact Address
PO Box 10282
Yakima, WA 98909